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As Zeaeye is built around a community, our product only gets better as the community grow.
We continuously find new, relevant, exciting, and wise partners to collaborate with.

Insurance is a natural part of the life of a sailor. To be able to support our community on land as well as on water, we’ve partnered up with the Danish insurance company Søassurancen Danmark.

“At Søassurancen Danmark we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to offer our customers a fast and efficient way to reach the rescue service, in case of an emergency. We know that a fast and precise rescue operation can make the difference between life and death” says CEO Peter Lund from Søassurancen Danmark to the magazine Tursejleren, May 2022.

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Since the first GoBoat was launched in 2014, more that one million people have used GoBoat to enjoy the feeling of freedom, as captain of their own boat. Today GoBoat operates in 14 locations in 5 different countries, with more to come in 2022. GoBoat has been using Zeaeye’s system to keep track of their boats since 2020.

“GoBoat makes it possible for their customers to be a part of the unique community that you’ll find on the water. Sailing comes with a responsibility and we value the safety of our customers highly. With Zeaeye’s setup, we have the opportunity to keep track of not only our boats but also all the people who use them”, says Anders Ekelund Mørck, CEO at GoBoat.

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