Enable safety for all onboard, with the fastest way to real safety that does not require instructions

Automatic trip log for performance and
tracking that lasts all season with the built-in solar panel

One press for instant help

With Zeaeye on board you're always just one press away from speaking directly to the rescue service through two-way communication.

Get guided to help

The Controller makes sure you use it correctly via the built-in voice guide, that will let you know if something is done the wrong way.

Assistance call

Immediate help – even in non-life-threatening situations. The assistance button makes it possible to call for help, if you e.g. run aground.

One press for instant help

With Zeaeye on board you're always just one press away from speaking directly to the rescue service through two-way communication.
Direct two-way S.O.S call
Automatic sharing of data
Assistance call in non-life-threatening situations

Geo-fence technology

Zeaeye uses geofencing to automatically start and end a trip. By using the GPS satellite network the Controller sets a virtual border that allows it to start and end activities by itself based on location and movement.

Automatic trip log

Zeaeye automatically tracks your trips on the water and provides you with a total overview in the new Zeaeye Portal that can be accessed via both mobile and web.

Powerful connection

Zeaeye uses the land-based technology LTE-M in collaboration with Telenor. This is to provide you with the best transmission range on the water.

Sharing of trips

You'll find all your trips on the Zeaeye Portal. Share them with friends and family, no matter where you are. Let the trip sharing begin!

Tailored to you

Set your Controller to your needs to get the most out of your Zeaeye setup. With wireless updates you're always in full control.
Set the sound and voice guide
Choose tracking sensitivity
Activate theft alarm
...and much more.

Fully charged throughout the season

Even if the Controller is wireless, it's built to stay charged the whole season.
2.500 mA battery
Wireless charging
Built-in solar cell



Safe trips tracked by Zeaeye users.


nautical miles

Safe nautical miles traveled by Zeaeye users.

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Frequently asked questions


What do I need to get started?

Our setup consists of a Controller and a subscription. You can order it here via our shop. No screws or tools are needed, the Controller is mounted with a self-adhesive holder. Step-by-step guide

What happens when I press S.O.S?

First of all, check if emergency calls are supported here. When holding the button for 3 seconds, S.O.S is activated. The Controller will sound an alarm tone and automatically call the rescue service that you're connected to. Someone from the rescue service automatically receives your information and will speak to you directly via the Controller. Read more about S.O.S

Where can I use the Controller?

The Controller will track your trips during coastal sailing in most countries. If you reach an area with a poor connection, the Controller will still collect data, and upload it as soon as the connection is stabilized. When making an emergency call you will always reach the rescue service in your own country.

How often does the Controller need charging?

The Controller is developed to stay charged with support from the built-in solar cell. If needed, you can always use the wireless charger that comes with the Controller. We've designed the Controller to be robust and waterproof, which is why wireless charging is needed, as there are no unnecessary inputs. If placed correctly where it gets the most sunlight, you might not need the wireless charger at all. Read more

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