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Traditional maritime safety requires the person onboard, to think clearly, even during the most hectic and stressful situations. By eliminating all friction between the user in need of help and the rescue service, we can offer products that anyone can use, no matter their experience. When making an emergency call via the Zeaeye Controller, all relevant data about the user, their vessel, and their current trip, to the rescue service, in a clear and comprehensible way, providing a better framework for the rescue service to help people in distress.

Intelligent S.O.S

We use advanced algorithms to get a better understanding of how you and others travel at sea. This means that with time, we’ll be able to foresee and warn you about potential danger.

Direct communication

If you should end up in an emergency situation, the Zeaeye Controller will put you in direct contact with the rescue service*. * Check availability for emergency calls at

Live tracking

Follow your trips on the water and share them with friends and family via the Zeaeye Portal. With Zeaeye onboard, you can follow your trip straight away.

Zeaye Portal

See and log all your trips in one place and explore all aspects of your trip.
Available on mobile and web.

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